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Does anyone have any advice on what to look for in a new home for in a new motorhome? We are looking for a relatively new motorhome (diesel pusher) not more than 4 years old. What makes are the best? What should we watch out for?
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RV Consumer Group probably has the best information you are looking for. They rate RV's and have some outstanding books on RV purchase. It cost a little but in the end it's well worth every penny
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Good advice. Be careful, too many RV manufacturers have gone out of business lately. Repair down the road may be an issue if the company is out of business.
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Also WATCH the extended warranty, Most are only good for 4-5 yr & a limited milage. There may also be fee to transfer the extended warranty on used units. If you don't do it in a specific time you may lose it completely.

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There are a lot of good brands out there and a lot of the newer Diesels are built pretty well. Right now is a good time to buy one, a lot of dealers are trying to unload their heavy iron due to the market and the economy. We have 12 used diesels that are relatively newer and we are ready to take huge losses on them. Its one of those things that we would rather pay less now than more later. We just sold a 1996 Foretravel on Monday for 60k, we had 90k in it (just as an example). Definitely check out our inventory if you are getting closer to buying a diesel right now.

Here is a link to our used diesels: A Diesel&condition=Used

The sale prices are on some, but call if you need a bottom dollar price.

Feel free to call me if you call any questions on Diesels, i am always happy to help.

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Trust me, we are not making money. The price you can get these things for is pretty amazing. I replyed just to help anyone who is intestested in saving money. I dont advertise on any forums. :dead:


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I will say this much for buying a coach, checkout the dealers service and talk to people that have bought from the dealer. I bought from NH Camper and Coach in NH and would not recommend them to anyone at all. I bought a "new" rig, 2006 Holiday Rambler left over and have had to have it in the shop so many times for small things that the dealer should have had done before I received this. When I talked to them they say well just bring it back, well that is over 200 miles and they do not pay fuel. My problems ran from bad paint to sounds system, frig, batteries, electrical, to name a few. So just be careful on the dealer you go and make sure of how they treat the buyer. Roy
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Now to the OP do your research and really pay attention to the good guys on here who give good advice. I was lucky and got a good MH but I know that I should have done alot more research and a lot more shopping before we bought ours! I was just in a hurry and things didn't even go like I wanted them to. But thats another story. I love my MH, its a gasser though and a class c.