Advice givers and 2006 Niagara owners?


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Pre-decision angst here.
Thanks to your helps and a bit more research, we've established that we can tow the 2006 Fleetwood Niagara with our Ford Explorer.
Spent 3 hours today walking back and forth between the Niagara and Williamsburg. We've been derailed by warranty and, what else, potti issues!
Can we bounce this off your collective minds?
2006 Niagara: Very lightly used -- still in "new" condition with all the amenities we'll ever need; our dream camper, really -- still feels like "camping", yet we can see ourselves (2 adults, an 8 year old and a min. schnauzer) inside on rainy days and comfortable on extended stays or trips. We are concerned about less flexibility in where and how we can camp. Does the 2006 Niagara have a black water holding tank so that it can be fully utilized with just water and electric hookups? (Or no hook ups at all?) How do you flush out the black water holding tank at a dump station to make sure all solids wash out? -- I could see no way to add water directly to the toilet system. What's the size of the black water holding tank (if it has one)? How long can you camp on the black water holding tank without having to fold down and haul to the dump station? (I know -- all depends on... well, your best guess?) Also, no grey water holding tank? I got underneath and saw that the sink water is piped under camper to same exit as black water. If you are camping at a site with no sewer hook up, the black water would flow into a holding tank (if this camper has one), but how do you handle the grey water?
AND, we are uneasy about not having the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. The camper is like new, but it is still a used camper. Dealer is offering 30 day warranty and we would try to use the camper heavily the first thirty days, but still.... We've priced third party warranties - at over $200 per year, they seem expensive. How often do the lift systems fail on Fleetwoods? I suppose we could carry a third party warranty for 2 years and if nothing has gone wrong by then, assume we have a solid unit and drop the warranty... Opinions?
On the other hand, there's the Williamsburg: Brand new with manufacturer's warranty, would give us the feeling of being the first ever to use it, very simple to operate, not as much stuff that could break or wear out. Nice and roomy inside, but does not feel as comfortable to hang out in, if that maks sense? (I'm thinking rainy days and extended stays.) But we would be very comfortable knowing we had a lifetime warranty!
Thanks for "listening". Anyone had good or bad experience with used popups, or have an opinion one way or the other? Here's your chance to give some advice!!
And please chime in if you can shed some light on the Niagara plumbing system!
The Rays... one step closer. Two steps back. Still facing forward!