Advice needed on Class A motorhomes

My husband and I are thinking about retiring soon. We are considering buying a class A motorhome. We would like to drive from New York to Florida with our 3 dogs during the winter months. Perhaps making 2 or 3 trips each winter staying 14 to 21 days each trip. I would appreciate any advice you could give us. Is there a manufacturer you could recommend and how much should I expect to pay for a class A motorhome. What should I look for when buying one. Is it better to buy one with a diesel engine? How is it driving to Florida from N.Y. in one?

Thanks, Connie
Advice needed on Class A motorhomes


Your requirements should dictate the type of unit you purchase, and your questions are rather wide-ranging. There is a wide range of opinions about diesel/gas, for example, diesel engines are great, but more expensive to repair, but get better mileage than gas (although, diesel fuel is more expensive than gas right now). Diesel pushers are more expensive up front, too. I have been thinking about going with a DP for years, but with the availability of the new Workhorse gas chassis, I am reconsidering. I'm thinking if you're full-timing and putting a lot of miles on the unit, a DP would be better, but you may find others with different opinions. It sounds as if you're not going to take too many trips each year, and you may be better off, i.e., less expensive, to go with a gas coach. Most DPs appear to be made for the long haul over many years, including the interiors.

Regardless of the coach or even in a car, the route 95 corridor is miserable, IMHO, from NY through NJ and a little South, and then again around DC. A much nicer drive, but longer, is to go SW across NJ and down 81 through PA and part of VA, and then South on 77 to 26 and cross back over to 95 before Charleston, SC. If you're retired and time is available, it would be a much more relaxing drive. I have done this from VA to FL more than a couple of times. I live around the DC area and won't go through there on 95/495 anywhere near peak traffic, especially with a toad. It seems as if there's peak traffic on the beltway about 20 hours a day at this point, but maybe I'm exaggerating a little.

This BB is not very active, and I suggest you post your questions on,, and, all of which are very active. You will likely get more specific responses to your questions.