Advice on buying please

Hi all.
My husband and I are going to buy our first RV though we have rented before. We were leaning toward a Canadian made called Triple E but now are being lured to buy a Georgetown SE 350. Their price is SO much better but what about quality? we are confused....Help please???


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Re: Advice on buying please

Georgetown is cheap because it should be. That don't mean that they are bad, just that the price is low because they cut corners. Tripple E is far higher rated by most RV reviews. I have never owned either but have spent time in the RV world and have known several owners of both.

The best place for quality ratings is to join the RV Consumer Group at as they are the only organization that evaluates RVs and don't accept any funds from the RV industry.
Re: Advice on buying please

Thanks Kirk. you give great advice. I have been reading other threads and you seem to address people's concerns very well.
I just read your message to my husband and he agrees with you. we have to actually join that consumers group.
thanks again.
Helen :)