Advice/Suggestion for MI to FL trip in Feb

Yikes!! Want to be a snowbird, but wondering what conditions we may encounter.We have Class C 29'.
Will travel down I-75 from Michigan (Rochester area) on to Orlando. Retired, so a bit flexible on time other than must be in Orlando the 17th of Feb.

Thought we'd put 5 gal. of antifreeze in water tank to enable us to use toilet & flush.
Will use bottled water to drink/cook.

Are there any recommended (or ANY???) campgrounds along the way that could be open for overnite stay? We think we can reach TN the first nite (if weather is ok); possibly the FL border 2nd nite.

Rest of trip will be in FL: no reservations, just rough plan of travel. Sanibel IS (Periwinkle RV has nothing avail.///// any others around?) Everglades, the Keys, up the Atlantic coast then home/

So, please share any possible places to camp...we're not "picky" can go w/or without hookups.

thank you all! :) :cool: :question:

DL Rupper

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Re: Advice/Suggestion for MI to FL trip in Feb

Recommend Best Holiday Travel Park, Chattanooga, TN and Oaks N' Pines, Lake City, FL. if you are a PA member Oaks N' Pines is a PA park.