Advice ???

We are going to leave our TT at a campground from now on...until we get tired of the place. :cool: We bought the deck of the last people who parked there. We will be taking the TT to set it up this weekend before the Mardi Gras holidays. Question...Do we need to know anything in particular to set up for the long haul? Antifreeze in water supply, concrete blocks to sit tires on instead of wood (termites), and .....what about mice, bugs, leaks, mold/mildew, treating deck wood???
Thanks for your input.
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Advice ???

Well, ya just got to use some common sense on this matter. Keep the tires off the ground (I put mine on "Treated" wood) (I also, periodically treat the tires and always cover them), if you leave it there all winter, winterize according to owner's manual. Follow the safety rules in owner's manual. You might want to leave a key with owner's of the campground in case they need to get inside while your not there (of course, ya gotta trust them). Spray for bugs, etc. Put moth balls in plastic baggies with a couple holes punched in them and put them in outside basement storage areas (if you have them). Don't leave your A/C unit running if your not there. Might be ok to leave refrigerator running during the warmer weather, but not in winter...duh.
Have fun :)
Advice ???

If your in a moist climate get yourself a dry Z air kit(it pulls moisture from the air}. Also dont forget to leave a vent or window open just a touch.