aerodynamic trailer


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HI, new to rving, well, we dont own one yet. Still researching. I have some questions.
I am looking for an easy to tow trailer because I dont want to eat up any more gas mileage than necessary.
Looking at an a-frame or something like a TAB 400 large tear drop. Just wondering what your experiences are regarding towing mileage.
For reference I had a 2005 silverado 2500 diesel. When towing my 4000 lb boat it got about 14-15 MPG but when towing a 16 foot cargo trailer at less than 3000 lbs it got 10 mpg. I currently have a 2020 1500 silverado diesel. I get 17 towing my boat but I have not towed the cargo trailer. So I am wondering what I might expect towing a traditional boxy trailer vs what I mentioned above.
Thanks for any feedback.