Affordable internet on the road????

Ok guy's here is what I found out today. I have a Cingular phone nationwide and the phone is internet capable. Believe this or not it's the free phone. Anyway this is what I was told when I called Cingular. Now I called twice to make sure I was gettin the right info. They said I needed software to hook up my laptop to my phone. That would cost about 60 bucks, and I'm done!!! Yes it charges ya air time but just your bought minutes. For example: If I had 250 peake minutes I could use them to use the the internet or the phone. Now since I have 3000 off peake minutes I can use that for internet time also. No other charges. Just phone minutes. Of course I have to call my internet provider but I have nationwide so it's no big deal.

Does anyone have this setup? They tell me if I have phone service I can use the internet. I am sure it won't work everywhere but around most populated areas I bet it would. Sure would like to hear from someone with it.


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Affordable internet on the road????

You probably also need some kind of cable to attach the phone and laptop together. Check and see what speed this setup is capable of. I'm of the impression that it is slower than the 56K we are (hopefully) used to.
Affordable internet on the road????

Didn't ask about the speed. Thought that might be in the laptop modem. The cable and all the software comes with the kit to get ya hooked up for about 60 bucks.
Affordable internet on the road????

Not sure about the cingular, but I believe most cellular Internet access is currently linited to 9600 baud (9.6k) or 14.4k - much slower than you are used to. Usually, the cable from the phone attaches to your laptop's serial port and the phone becomes an external modem. Will work okay for checking e-mail, but a little slow for surfing.

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Affordable internet on the road????

This could be interesting:

The speed at which data will flow from the Internet to your PC will average 400++kbps, which is roughly 8 times faster than a 56K modem. The speed at which data will flow from your PC to the Internet (e.g., when sending an email) can burst up to 128kbps. Internet use consists mainly of downloading lots of information, and sending very little back to the Internet, so this translates to blazing fast Internet for you.
Remember the satellite transmission is not restricted by inferior telephone lines or improper modem protocols. The Direcway 2-Way owners have been reporting speeds well in excess of 1000 Kbps ... sometimes even reaching 2000 Kbps ! That's faster than most cable & DSL connections.

Affordable internet on the road????

More info:
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I found brochure in pdf format (prety big file):

I had a chance to talk with a sales representative today. Very friendly and helpfull chat.

Affordable internet on the road????


I have the same with Cingular. My sister and I have an arts and craft business and sometimes travel in Texas to the different shows. I use the laptop to check the website and our ebay auctions.

Find out which data cable (what makes the laptop able to connect to the phone)you need and thats it. I did buy mine on ebay for half of what Cingular wanted. Cingulars website is a good source of info.

Log on is slow, but better than nothing.

Good luck,

Affordable internet on the road????

The Cingular network uses the GSM standard and the data speed is limited to 9Kb (9800bps). It's very slow but better than nothing.
Affordable internet on the road????

Thanks guy's

My wife and I just got back from our first long trip with the fifth wheel. We would like to have internet for the weather and to check our mail. My service is basicly free after 9pm so I could tollerate the slooooooooooow service as long as it would work.

How do I find out what I need to get internet on the road. I have the phone but not the lap top as of yet. For our next trip we really would like to be on line.

Thanks again
Affordable internet on the road????

A fellow RVer turned me on to another option that is costing me nothing because my laptop already had a wireless network (wi-fi) card. It's high speed access that you can use for free if you just make sure to use only "community" network links. I've been very impressed and love that I no longer have to deal with the slow dial up service through my cell phone (plus, I haven't paid a dime yet!). Go to the link below for more info.
Affordable internet on the road????

I was replying and lost my screen so forgive me if this comes to you twice. I have Cingular and yes, you are right. Requires a cable and software - no extra charges. Just the minutes you've already purchased. One word of caution. It doesn't work everywhere. Check with Cingular to see if it is going to work where you need it. I used it in New Mexico but couldn't connect in Arizona. Has something to do with state licensing. Also you must be in a digital area. Not really fast but not slow. Very acceptable. :)