aftermarket water heater conversion

[Bev Luetkemeyer] need advice. water heater wouldn&#039t work right at high alt. (fine at low alt.) manual said have servicer change orifices to high alt. no servicer in area understood. said never heard of such a thing. did without hot water. got home went to selling dealer. trailer is 1999. dealer installed elec. conversion (Hott Rod or Lightning Rod). cleaned element 100% after each use. but after about 1 yr., element got so limed/calcified after only 1-2 nites that couldn&#039t get it out through hole in main plug. Had to remove main plug without benefit of socket wrench. eventually rounded off corners on main plug. went back to dealer. they now say they no longer install these conversions and put in a plastic plug. can use gas OK i guess but what happens if we want to go to Colorado. dealer had no suggestions except new gas/elec water heater. hate to do that with this one so new. any advice. feel like we&#039ve been had.
aftermarket water heater conversion

[Kirk] I have an Atwood water heater which I have used from sea level to about 6,000 feet. I have never had any problem with it and it has had nothing changed to caue it to work at different altitudes. Yours should too.

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