Air compressors


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I’m having a really hard time maintains air pressure when I blow out my water lines. I set it for 35psi and at one point I came back outside and it had gone up to 60 psi!!!! Do you think I screwed something up? My tank pressure takes time to come back also . I need some serious compressor training 101 Many thanks

C Nash

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You should have a regulator on your air compresser hose. With no air escaping set the regulator to 45 lbs. Hook hose to water inlet on rv open valve and purge all lines. Dont forget commode

Dalton Bourne

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There are several steps to bleed air from RV water lines. The first step to dealing with running water lines is to inspect the various components of the RV plumbing system. Fill the RV's fresh water tank, turn on the motorhome's water pump, and open the faucet farthest from the pump. Close faucets and other water fixtures and let the water run for a few minutes to a few hours or until the water is even. Repeat this process for each of your faucets and water-using appliances, including showers, bathroom sink faucets, and sprinklers. What you want is to remove all possible air in the lines.
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