air conditioner on dash


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we have a newmar country star 1994. the dash air worked on our last road trip at Christmas, however it nor the heater will turn on.
we thought it might be a fuse, but looked in our manuel to no avail.
any suggestions out there??
please reply... it is already getting hot in new mexico.
thanks in advance

C Nash

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air conditioner on dash

Hi sheryl,
Did you find the fuse for the a/c heater? What kind of chassis do you have? If the fuse is good go to the connector on the blower motor and test for voltage at the postive connector with a test light. If you have voltage tap the blower motor with a small hammer or wrench. The brushes or contact could be stuck. If there is no voltage you will have to start tracing back through the wiring system, relays, switch, resistor or opens for the problem. If the fuse is blown it had a reason such as short or blower motor drawing to many amps. Hard to say unless someone else has had this problem on a Newmar. Wiring diagram would be very useful in locating these kind of problems. Good luck and let us know what you find.

Chelse L. Nash


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air conditioner on dash

Thanks for the info, we are in that process as we speak.
Definetly not an easy task trying to find if its a short
or fuse or relay or blower etc.
Nice to know people are eager to help with advise on this forum.