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I'm looking for suggestions for a good air pump(hopefully not to expensive) that works well with these big high pressure tires.
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dear RRM or can I call you rm anyway, ref air pumps what veichle have you got if it has air brakes then tap into the pipe from the tank with a schrader valve (plug in air coupling ) should give you all the pressure you need, also good for air tools to change wheels ect.:) :) :) Bazzer UK.


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There are several good ones that are the tankless type that work well. The 120V-ac ones do work much better than the 12V-dc ones do but you need a genset to power it when you don't have shore power. We used a Black & Decker, Air Station for several years. Sears also has a good one. If you do not have a genset, then you will need one that is 12V-dc and most of them are not very good so be careful in what you buy. I now carry a small tank type compressor from Sears. If you get the tank type, make sure that the compressor restarts at a pressure that is at leas 10# above the required pressure of your tires or it will not do a good job of filling them.

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Home Depot sells a good 115v air compressor for $99. I think it is a Husky, but not sure. Its in my RV in storage so can't check the brand. It has a very small storage tank and works really well on my 80psi RV and truck tires.
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HI! Tex you shurely got air brakes on your winne, why dont you pick up a air feed for inflating tyres and air tools to remove wheels ect, most air systems on heavy chassis run at about 120-135 psi,Ive done this on a mobile work shop with air brakes & as long as the motor's running you'll not run out of air.If it's done by a profesional it can be run into the basement locker with a shutoff valve & plug in connector.:) :) :) Bazzer UK.

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I would say old Tex probably has enough air to blow a tire up with out a pump :eek: :evil: but, I sure would hate to get him fired up at me :8ball: :laugh: bet he wears them six shooters butt out and draws them cross handed :clown: :laugh:

RRM, I have burned out two of those little 120 volt with tank that wally world sells. They will air up to 95 if you have the time to wait. Will not try another one of those. Harbor Fraight has some that look promissing.
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Chelse, I bet if Tex tried drawing cross handed he'd catch the hammers in his baces & end up shooting his hat off :laugh: :laugh:,Tex are you using the term " Winnie" for a pet name ? :) :) :) . I'm drawing a blank on my suggestions for on board air supply. :( Bazzer UK.