Air Ride Suspension


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My 88 Superchief has a ride rite air bellows system on the rear axle, the onboard compressor is toast ,,,Anybody know what kind of compressor this is?It appears to be the orginal and the only other ower says it has never been replaced,,,,I cannot find any markings on it. it has two cylinders and looks like a little Harley engine, The leveling controls in the cab were made by the Jet corp.
Is it fixable? or can anybody recommend a new brand that can take its place and proform the same functions.I likethe idea of the auto and manuel leveling features it can provide.


RE: Air Ride Suspension

The only thing i can suggest is take out and go to u'r local rv dealer and see if they can match it up ,, or u could contact PPL and see what they have to offer,,,
The ppl web page is
Just go there and click on the parts catalog and then look for any service phone numbers they have.,...
They have been great to me ,, solving all kinds of parts and hard to find parts problems