Airstream info


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I am looking at a 1993 Airstream class B on ford chassis. 67,000 miles. Asking price is $14,000.00

My wife and I have been looking at class b’s for several months now.

Dose anyone have any experience with Airstreem class b’s?

The turtle top looks wider than others we have seen. This looks like it would add some storage space but also looks like it could be top heavy.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Airstream info

Airstream has had a great rep in trailers. It suffered rather badly when they moved into the motorhome market. :8ball:


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Airstream info

I have a 93 ford class B with a high raised roof. It is the same the raised roof as airstream used 1993. I was surprised how well it handled in the wind with trucks going by (it better than I thought). Handled the same as a full size van that had tools in the back. (also better than I thought). The mileage is not bad running 55-60 mph. A little better than my small pickup V8 and 20' trailer. But we carry more stuff with the truck & trailer. I like the camper van, lots of head room and don't have to bend over all the time. It feel larger inside not like being boxed in in a regular class B.