New to this forum and just starting to consider Class B motorhomes. So far, haven't seen anything here on Airstream. Are they too pricey or not good enough, or both?

To begin with, the old Airstreams are no longer being made. They have come out with something new, made on a Mercedes-Benz. But the oldies are the goodies. We have a 1996. The major drawback for many seems to be the curtains, of all things. They are easily sun damaged. The cabinetry is excellent, solid wood. Three burner stovetop, oven, microwave, fridge, two-bowl sink with vegetable spray -- all those things are standard. Very good use made of storage. The things look a little clunky and top-heavy, compared to the new Roadtreks and Pleasure-Ways on the road, but I think by and large the Airstream is a good unit. I'd check them out before buying anything.

Sorry, I misspoke in my earlier post. Airstream is also now making a Westfalia model on a Dodge base, as well as the Interstate on the Mercedes-Benz base.

I had a Coachman high top that was built like the Airstream and I sold it as fast as I bought it. Was driving it on the Interstate and the high wind took me right off the road. I thought I was going to roll over and scared me to death. I traded it 2 weeks later for a Roadtrek and now I have no wind problems. I would NEVER buy another high top. In fact I wouldn't take one if it was free.

Turnip42, sorry about your experience, i do not blame you a bit for getting rid of the high top vehicle, as it would be enough to scare anyone.Happy motoring.

We just bought a 1996 Airstream. We were going to rent an RV for Labor Day weekend, but buying used was definitely a better value. Although we have only been out once in it, we were very pleased. We got a lot of requests for tours. People couldnt believe it had everything in it.
We do have the problem of the curtains though. Does anyone know where I can order replacements? I have heard that they are expensive. Or any other suggestions for window coverings?
My only other issue is the shower. Why did they put the shelf in there that makes it impossible to stand up at all? Fortunately, we went to a place with shower facilities so this was not that big an issue, but would be nice if it was a little more user friendly.