Alaska caravan or solo and route suggestions


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We are planning a trip to Alaska this summer with out newly purchased mid-engine diesel ,toyhauler Any suggestions on route(s) to take-enter from Washington or Montana go solo or pay for a caravan trip. We will be spending most of the winter in Florida planning to head west in March via Route 10 This is our first year as full times-previously camped with a fifth wheel toyhauler
I have purchased the Milepost any othe resource suggestions?

C Nash

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Re: Alaska caravan or solo and route suggestions

Hi Debbie,
The Milepost is a very good selection to start with IMO. I would only go solo because you are free to go as you please and thats the beauty of rving IMO. You will meet all kind of great fellow rvers along the way and make new friends so you will not be traveling alone. We left from Alabama and went through Memphis tn, Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier NP and crossed into Canada on 89 to Calgary. We did not go to Jasper NP but wish we had. From Calgary we went to Edmonton to Grande Prairie, Dawson, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake, Whitehorse and on into Alaska. We drove our MH and towed a Chevrolet Tracker and had no problem at all oh well other than the Tracker can loose on the trip back and thank the good Lord we had a brakeing system on the tracker. No damage at all other than a bent ladder on the MH. Think someone had removed the clip on the hitch at a truck stop so ck every time you are stopped and away from the Mh. We did the loop in Alaska parking and taking side trips in the toad. Left the MH in Fairbanks and drove the toad all the way up the Dalton to Prudhoe Bay about 500 miles of dirt road one way but worth the trip. The trip was a lifelong dream that we did get to make. Roads are not bad at all IMO. Just slow down and enjoy the sights.