alcoa wheel

Hi Rvers, could anyone help, i need a spare wheel for a monaco aclass 22.5x 6.75 x15 deg dish centre with 6 lug, have just been in america done 6ooomls in coach ,had agreat time what a wonderful place, kep those wheels rollin kojak
Re: alcoa wheel

If it's for a spare I would go with steel. Finding a used al wheel without damage will be tough. Australia, what a place, I lived there for several years and want to go back. mmmm, southwark beer.
Re: alcoa wheel

Hi benwd, thanks for reply, i travelled from cal/washington /yellowstone/las wages/houston/missouri/texas/new mexico/ arizona/ and called lots of rv places and was told no more made, so i was hoping maybe someone out there might by luck have one, if it was 10 lug wouldnt have a problem,well guess i will have to keep looking maybe steel here in junk yards, dont know about the beer that you stated, we are in perth were the swan beers are made & me being a non drinker dont now much re beers, stay to good old coke and southern comfort,maybe you will get back to australia one day its a great place. Happy new year for 2008 Regards gary