Alfa Parts Catalog

joe lassiter

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Recently purchased an Alfa Gold, 40 footer. It's truly a beautiful motorhome, one I am quite pleased to own. However, being the perfectionist I am I like to have things "working as built". Some door seals, etc. need replacing. I need to know if anyone knows where, how, or if a parts catolog can be had. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Alfa Parts Catalog

There are no catalogues that are specific for Alpha or any other manufacturer. Howerver with the model and serial numbers you can get almost anything you need from the manufacturer depending on the age of your rig. The manufacturers buy everthing thats not made of lumber and panelling from someone else. The trick is to figure out where they got it or who else can get it for you. Door seals can be purchased from any RV store who deals with All-Rite. All-Rite is a manufacurer and distributor of RV doors, widows, siding, roofing, and the parts to repair them. If you are on the east coast I'm sure there are others who do the same.