Aliner Classic electric service connection


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I bought a used Aliner Classic. The male plug on the power cord for external electric service ends in a 240V 40 A male plug. But the controller indicates that the trailer operates on 120V 30A. I'm a bit confused about this apparent mismatch.

I'd like to be able to connect the Aliner up to an extension cord to the house, and to a small gasoline electric generator on the road. But the connection from power cord into the back of the controller box appears to be wired internally to the controller, not a plug. Am I right in this assumption? If so, should I cut off the 240V male plug and wire in at 120V male plug?


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Mystery of TT30 connector is solved. It looks like a 277V 40A plug, but it's not. An electrical engineer friend figured this out and now I've found the connector to give me access to the house.
If you had a full size truck, I would say you'd be fine. But for a SUV that isn't really made for towing or stopping with any weight on it....I'd say a brake controller is necessary. Especially for a 5000 mile Kodi nox trip.
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