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I am new to RV'ing and just bought a 1998 Sunline Solaris T24. It was owned by a Lt.Commander in the Navy and is in PRISTINE condition that I can tell. When we had our sales walk through it all looked so simple I didnt pay attention, but now I dont know what is what. 1. Can the trailer run on its own for electricity etc? It has a battery and two gas cans, but when I turn any switches I get no lights etc and I dont know if that is the way it should be or if something is wrong. If something is wrong, it could be the battery. Can I charge a deep cycle battery with a normal charger? What about Gas? I hear that the fridge can run on LP, so I filled the tanks but no cooling, air, etc. Help please, I am a new owner and want to go camping. I know "I SHOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION!" :(

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All Own It's Own...

Welcome to the forum.
1: the trailer can run on its own as long as you have 12 volts from the battery.
2: if the battery is dead, you get nothing. You should be able to plug into electricity and get everything, if the converter/charger is working.
3: the battery can be charged with any charger and also by plugging in the electric cord from the trailer IF the converter/charger is working.
4: the frige should run on LP or Elec. If the battery is dead, the frige won't work. It needs 12 volts to operate even on gas. Again, plug into elec. and the frig. should work on elec. or gas.
5: the AC operates on elec. ONLY.
Good Luck, any more questions, just ask.


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All Own It's Own...

Donophan, Welcome to the forum. If you don't have one, get an owner's manual for your rig. Grandview might be able to help or tell you where you can get one. When you get it, read it from cover to cover and highlight important items with yellow/blue/etc., highlighters. After that, ask away on this forum.....and get lots of great guidance. :) :laugh: :cool: ;)


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All Own It's Own...

When you say 'gas cans', do you mean 'LP/propane bottles/tanks'?

Most RV fridges operate on either 'AC' or 'LP', chosen via the control panel or 'auto' mode which runs on AC when present or LP otherwise. Note that to run on LP, you still need to have 12v in order to run the control circuitry.