Allegro Bus/Tiffin


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I have had some problems with my two week old, 2005 Allegro Bus by Tiffin. It was a hassle to carry it back to the purchasing dealer, Ancira in Boerne,TX when I live in Houston,Tx. Tiffin recommended Action RV in Conroe,TX which is 30 miles from were I live. I have been to repair shops and dealers, but not one like this, they were courteous, accomodating and respectful of the customer and their RV. I know this sounds to good to be true but it is. It is a pleasure to do business with them.


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Allegro Bus/Tiffin

Tiffin and there dealers are usually pretty good. I used to work at the Allegro dealer here in western Washington. The reason that the dealerships love to see Tiffin products come in is because Tiffin Motorhomes INC. treats their dealers right. They very seldom argue about warranty claims and pay them promptly. When the dealers are treated right they are happy to see the product come in for warranty repairs. Try going to a Fleetwood dealer with a warranty problem and you'll probably hate the experience.