allison 1000


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allison man i hope you can help. 01' chevy 2500hd 4x4 with the 8100 and allison. first of all i think the pump is really loud. with the radio off you can hear it whining at idle and driving. second of all it seems to be stuck between tow/haul and normal. get off the interestate and itll coast all the way down the off ramp. next time it will command shift down. no load in the bed just empty truck. same going off the mountain. one time itll coast next itll downshift. some times it shifts really hard from 2nd to 3rd under normal accelleration. the truck has 80k miles and has had the spin on filter changed and the fluid is very clean with no burnt smell. ive contacted 3 local gm dealers asking about updated programs for the allison all with the same answer. " its on a stand alone computer, we have nothing on it. " do you have any suggestions? thanks allison man!!