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Hello Mr. AllisonMan,

I have a 1999 5.9 24v cummins, The trans that is in it is a 42RE WHICH IS TOO light, and we are having to repair it too often, I would like to install an allison 2000, that we have on hand.
My problem is we are not sure on how to get started with the wiring, I have the wiring on the truck and I can read the wiring, I do not have anything that will give me the pin out on the transmission
Could you tell me how to wire this transmisson to the 1999 wiring harness? or direct me to a starting point, I'm determined to do this!

Thank you
Allison 2000

There is a shop doing allison installs in Ohio, IIRC. You have the 47RE and that can be upgraded to handle pretty high HP/TQ #s. The allison uses it's own stand alone TCM.

What did the Allison come out of?

Also it won't just bolt in. The ally most likely has a SAE3 bellhousing while your CTD uses a chysler bolt patter. That means the engine mounting adapter/stater/flexplate has to be changed.

BTW, I'm assuming your '99 is a Dodge truck.
Also allisonman isn't around here anymore.
Allison 2000

Thanks for all the info, The trans came out of a 2002 sterling truck
my truck now has a cummins and a allison AT545 which is gone (wore out).

and I need something stronger Talked with Allison and they told me it would be an easy swap, I do not know yet about the ather changes, bellhousing etc. from what I can see the bell housing from the old tranny looks like it will adapt, but not sure, I have ordered a service manual to get the wiring for the allison 2000, Thanks again
Allison 2000

Ok, you are looking at doing a swap similar to what I've been researching. I also have a 5.9L/AT 542 in our motorhome. However you have a electronic injected 24 valve motor compared to my 12V. I've seen a few complete takeouts for sale and they have both seperate ECM and TCMs from 24V applications. Trans should bolt right up in place of a '545.
Allison 2000

Yes, I'm right in the middle of it now and we are still looking for pieces. we are moving foward on this project, If you go foward make sure you get the TCM with your swap, and have it re programed.

RE: Allison 2000

i am doing this same conversion , swapping a a/t 542 to a 2400 series, does anyone have any info on this, looking for a wiring harness for the 2400 trans, and someone to do custom programming
RE: Allison 2000

The wiring harness was not made by Allison, but rather was sourced by each vehicle manufacturer. You might find one out of a salvage vehicle that could be modified to fit. In order to do any of the wiring properly, you really need the Allison troubleshooting manual. It contains all of the basic wiring diagrams and connector face diagrams.

I'm not sure what you mean by "custom" programming, but most Allison distributors should be able to find a calibration to put in your TCM by knowing which engine and transmission you have, which generation of controls you have (WTEC II, WTEC III, fourth gen) and which options you are going to wire into the vehicle....i.e. do you have to step on the brake pedal to select drive.

You can find Allison distributors by going to and clicking on the service locator. Some Allison dealers can also do reprogramming, but not all. Pricing varies widely. It normally pays to shop around.

You can also order the troubleshooting manual from the service publications part of Allison's website if you can't find one locally.

Have you done any homework to find out which torque converter is in the 2400 series transmission you have and if it's compatible with your engine?

Hope this helps.