Allison 545

I have a 1988 Rockwood with a 4 spd auto transmission.

I am trying to find the model number for this. I am told it's a 545. Research on ther internet shows the 545 as a 5 or 6 speed.

I also have a Cat 3208 engine. I need to find the serial number so that I can find out more info on the engine.


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Allison 545

I suspect you have an MT643 - look on the side of the transmission for the ID plate.

Ours is a 250HP 3208T CAT with the MT643 in a Gillig chassis - '87 Marquis by Beaver.
Allison 545

Well, I appreciate the reply.
Is your tranny a 4 speed? Any comments/recommendations if 4 speed? Have not really drove it that much except from Hilton Head, SC to Beaumont, CA. Mostly flat.

The engine runs very smooth. Where are you geographically?


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Allison 545

Hey David,

I have had no problems with the transmission - yes, it is a 4 sp. I would like the gearing of a 6 sp but this does well for us and our coach. Boy!, SC to CA - that's a ride! Problem is you left us behind :laugh: - we are up by Charleston, SC.

The 3208 and MT643 was a popular comination back in those days - been told it's pretty bullet proof if taken care of.

Take care and enjoy,
RE: Allison 545


Now I find that my speedometer does not work.

I called Spartan and they sent me a Speedo Drive Data (3 sheets). All greek to me.

It could be anything. Always something.