Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

Everyone is welcome in this thread. I hope transrand comes here to answer questions specific to the latest Allison Transmissions.
And I welcome Allisonman here too. Please correct us if we make any mistakes.
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions


Glad to see you have created a site - Let me be the first to wish you well. My question involves a orsepower upgrade. I have an Alison 3000TRV tranny mounted to a 300Hp CAT engine (3126e). I'd like to upgrade the engine to its 330Hp rating (especially since that give it the atmospheric sensor which constantly adjusts fuel ratio via altitude). Anyway is this tranny quite capable of handling the extra few Hp & torque?
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

WOW! Double WOW!

I am tickled to death to see you create this thread.

Now - question if you don't mind.

Have 1993 Tourmaster with 8.3 cummings 250 hp. I am going to have my shop install larger injectors and bump the pump up to being my HP to over 300.

Question is - will this extra 50 or so HP cause any problems with my Allison 3060??

Thank you soooo much for creating and bringing your expertise to your own thread.

God Bless

Bill & Judy
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

For answers to questions specific to the newer Allisons, there are others on this forum more qualified than me. Transrand, and Allisonman. I don't want to ruin this forum for everybody by competing. And hope Allisonman continues to answer questions.
As far as HP capacity, well I have seen transmissions that where designed for an under 200 HP engine take in excess of 800 hp.
Most all manufactures test their transmissions at levels they will never see normally. So there is a certain percentage of "over kill" in the design. Of course the more you load something the lower its life expectancy will be.
Another thing to consider is. During normal driving and cruising the hp requirements are fairly low. The only time HP is used is pulling a good load up a hill, or accelerating from a stop.
I would say with proper cooling, those transmissions would handle it okay. But wait and see what the guys that are more up todate on those units have to say.
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

Thank you - I gave some thought to going with the "Banks" system - however I believe that my injector guy is providing me with a kinder-and-gentler way to bump the HP up.

I do business with him and his facility - it's only right to give him some of my business in return.

Thank you again - I agree with your thoughts.

Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

I have a motorhome with an allison AT542 bolted up to a 6.5 TD. I would like to install a 1000 series to reduce the RPM's since I have boosted the HP in the coach significantly. What are the odds of these two trannys having the same bolt pattern?
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

As a matter of fact they do have the same adaptation as your AT542. Good luck on your regear. Feel free to post any other questions you may have. I will try to answer the best I can.
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

Have a 2000 Intrigue 34000 miles. Speeding up the transmission is fine but down shifting between 5 & 10 MPH it shifts extremely hard. Any suggestions Thanks
Allison and other Automatic Transmission Questions

Wanted to ask question on my Allison. Have 01 Silverado with 8.1 and Allison. Sold my 5th and bought a motor home. Have truck for sale sitting out front of house. Had filter and fluid changed about 2000 miles ago and it worked great. Truck has been sitting for about a week.
Went to drive it to work this morning. Let it warm up, put in reverse and nothing. Checked the four wheel drive to be sure nobody had messed with it. Put in drive, and after a rough thump, it went in gear. Rev engine, and the truck slowly moved. Did not have time to check fluid.
Anything I should check other than fluid? Weird that it drove great and now nothing. Thanks, jerry