Allison Man/ Transmission in Fire Truck


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This may seem like a funny question in an RV forum but not only do I own a motorhome, I am a Volunteer Fireman in our little community. I have a question for Allison Man. We are all excited because we raised enough money to buy a new International Chassis Fire Truck Pumper. We formed a committee and spec't out what we needed. We are in the final stages of approval on our new truck. But the specs came back from the company building our truck with a different number on the Allison Transmission. The original specs were for an Allison 3000 EVS-P Close Ratio 5 speed. The prints came back with an Allison MD 3060P 5 speed Auto w/Lock Up. We can't seem to find out what the difference is in these two transmissions. The Allison Website doesn't list the 3060 in their Emergency Vehicle information.

Hope you can help us. I need the information by Thursday night for our next meeting. If you would like you can e-mail the information to me at Thank you.


Ps: I retired from General Motors after 35.5 years of service. When I bought my motorhome I made sure it had the GMC engine and the Allison Transmission. The Workhorse chassis has lived up to all my expectations.

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