Allison MD 3060 Transmission


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I have 1992 Gulfstream Friendship lxe with a 250 cummins and a md 3060 transmission. My problem is that when I turn on the ignition key I immedatelt see the speedometer will jumop up and as soon as it settles doen the hot transmission light will come on and an alarm will sound and the transmission will not shift from neutralto drive or revurse. When this first started I was able to turn the switch off and back on and it would work normally. Now it takes several attempts and when tyou do get the transmission to go into gear it might shift into 3rd or 4th on it's own while sitting still.
I was told that there might be a bad speed sensor on the rear of the transmission. I found the plug and disconnected it, after I did this you can turn on the key switch and everything looks normal as soon as you start the coach the speedometer jumps and the alarm sounds and the same problem happens.
I had it out a month ago and the alarms and warnings started and it shifted into 4th gear and stayed there. after a couple attempts at starting the rig every thing went ok and I was ablwe to get the rig home. I checked the tyransmission fluid levil and it was a little low but It only took about a gal. to bring it up to full.
I guess my question is how do I remedy this problem?? I did the up down arrow mode thing and got codes d 1, 1 3, 1 2, 2 2 than NN what does this mean. there are times that I can try to clear the codes and nothing happens. HELP!!!!!!