Allison MD 3060

Hello Allisonman,

The Coast Guard Air Station in Astoria received a new Fire Truck last year on a 2002 International 4800 Chassis.
The vehicle has about 3400 miles on it. I have 2 new tranny filters for it. The truck sits most of the time. Is it necessary to change the tranny fluid @ 12 months? It has Dextron in it currently.
I would like to change the fluid and filters myself and save on a service call. How difficult is this? This truck is our first out truck incase of a plane crash. How long should I expect this to take?
How many qts or gallons of fluid will I need? I see where the filters would go I guess. I have never delt with an Allison before. Just a Twin Disc.
What would a service call be to Astoria for this.
On a similiar topic I am currently working on my EVT Certification.
Does Allison put on a class locally for a guy to go to?


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Allison MD 3060


Allison usually recomends the oil be changed at 5000 miles to get the break-in metal out of the transmission, after that it is two years or 24,000 miles. It doesn't sound like this unit will be used very much, so I would change it every two years. It is not a difficult job. Expect to take about 1 1/2 hours depending on what you have to fill the transmission with. The drain pug is located near the back of the transmission. It is a recessed 3/8ths drive plug. There should be two filter covers toward the front of the transmission. Remove the bolts and the filter assembly will come out the bottom. Be careful when installing the new filter assemblies. Do not just ram the bolts in with an impact, the threads strip very easily. torque the bolts to about 35 ft. lbs. Start out with about 22 qts. of oil. Good luck.