allison MD3060

hey Mr Allison man ! I have a 1994 allegro bay with 230 cummins, MD3060 6 speed Allison. i have never had any problems with the tranny an i have owned this coach for 8 yrs. On a trip from chattanooga tenn to franklin Ky this past christmas, the transmission would not shift into 6th gear about 1/2 way on the trip. All gears from 5th on down an reverse work fine. the transmission fluid is in the safe range, altho i notice a leak under it (very small) but i checked the fluid an was not low. no codes came up no lights came on ever thing just seem fine except wouldnt shift to 6 gear. Any help please ? thank you so much..
allison MD3060

I have a 1998 Allegro Bus with the pre-Workhorse Chev Chassis with the Allison AT500 4 spd.

I have noticed that sometimes the transmission seems to not respond to downshift and/or braking. It continues to allow high rpm and does so for a short period of time. It almost seems as though the bus has decided to ignore my attempts to slow down. :question:

Also I would like to know where the serial number is located on the tranny.




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allison MD3060

I have a MD3060 in a 96 Holiday Rambler. While travelling from Prescott, AZ, to I-40, and from Albuquerque, NM, to Santa Fe, NM, the "Transmission Oil" light was sporadicaly flashing on and off. I stopped on both occassions and did the Allison diagnostic and physically checked the transmission levels. Everything was fine and the trip was completed without incident. According to Allison, the light is a HR issue and according to HR, the technician doesn't know what I am talking about. Any wisdom as to possible problem???

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allison MD3060

You could have a stuck governor not allowing it to downshift. Your serial number is located on a metal tag on the back righthand side just above the top oil pan.