Allison Shifter Nlank


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I own a 38' - 1993, American Eagle with Spartan Chassis, Allison Transmission, & an 8.3 Cummins engine. It has 84,000 miles on it. I have read every thread in this forum and found some great links to catalogs, manuals, etc. However, I have not found out why my MD 3060 Lever shift selector will not light up. When I turn the ignition key, the shifter blinks and flashes a short time (1-2 secs) and then goes blank. If I keep trying it over a period of hours, it will eventually come on with the typical "N" lit up, but after about 4-5 secs, that will go out and I have a blank shifter pad again. I believe I have a WT Series Shift Selector. Mine does NOT have a "Display Mode" button. It does have what appears to be an LED just below the "Mode" button. A couple of the manuals call this a "Display Mode Button", but it sure isn't a button! I read one posting that said their shifter came to life when heat was applied. I tried mine this morning - nothing, so I put a radiant heater between the seats aimed at the shifter. When I came back in an hour, the shifter was working normally. It is 55° here - not so cold you would need to heat the shifter to get going. Once it lights up, it works until it has been turned off over night. I only warmed the shifter to 85°.
I have located the VIM and after contorting into a pretzel, managed to dislodge it from under the dash and from behind a carpeted plywood barrier. The fuses are good and the relays look like new. Does heating a relay maybe make it open or close? Is the ECU the aluminum box behind the shifter itself?