Allison Trans temp gauge: I dunno


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Brand new 2004 Newmar Kountry Star Cummings 300 HP with 6 speed Allison. After 1000 miles the Transmission Temperature Gauge has not moved off Cold. It’s barely moved, if it has moved. Then, while on the interstate at 65 mph, the check engine light came on for 30 minutes or so twice and then it went off. What the heck? The day before we were on the back roads of Vermont and I used the exhaust brake allot on the up and down hills and curves.
I dunno... did I burn out something using the exhaust brake so much?

Allison Trans temp gauge: I dunno

We have 2001 36ft Newmar Kounty Star with Cummins 300hp and Allison 3000MH 6spd tranny.
Bought it new and had the same problem with temp gauge.

Talked with Cummins NW and MH expert there said tranny is overbuilt for my application. Told me if I really wanted to test it to start engine, let it warm up, put foot on brake (really really well) and then put it in gear and floor it! Hold it for about ten seconds, let up and do it again. Gauge should move after three times.
He also said if we pulled a tow over the coast range (Oregon) on a nice day we might see it move.

Well I never had the guts to do the first suggestion (I could just seem my foot slip and end up in my neighbors living room across the street). We did pull Jeep GC over the coast range on a nice day and sure enough it came off of cold but never did reach the low end of normal.

Have had coach 3 years now tranny temp rarely gets of off cold but all works well.

As for you check engine light....I have no idea.