Allison Transmission Questions

Hi there. I have worked on Allison Transmissions for 27 years. If you have any questions, please post and I will check back once a week and try to answer them all. Thanks and have a great day! :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hey AllisonMan, I own a 2000 Safari w/CAT 330
and Allison 3060 World trans. The fluid/filter was changed at 5k by dealer. Is the next f/f change due at 25k or 30k? I want to do the change myself. Can I use after market filters or should I
use Allison filters? Don't want to mess up my
warranty. I prefer to stick with Dextron III.
The trans temp runs at normal and below and the
fluid is clear, clean and has no burnt odor after
16k miles. The trans shifts smoothly, however I
get some violent downshifts when using the pac brake unless I engage the pac at below 35mph.
Downshifts are sometimes harsh at other times without using the pac, usually in stop and go
situations. Any advice on servicing and operation
of the 3060 trans will be appreciated.
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello herbneffie,
Your next fluid change would be at two years or 23,000 miles whichever comes first since with Dexron III they lowered the interval to 18,000 miles from 25,000.I recommend Allison filters just from experience. I have seen some aftermarkets collapse and totally burn up the transmission. Have you considered synthetic Transynd? It costs double a normal Dexron service, but you have no time limits and can go 50,000 miles and just have the filters changed and an oil sample done. The fluid will not need to be changed until the oil sample comes back saying it needs changing. This usually means only one oil change for the life of your motorhome as long as you do the samples and filter only changes at every 50,000. It really is cost effective in the long run. I have seen a truck with 190,000 miles and original transynd, come back with ok readings (but the customer changed anyway, he figured he got his moneys worth)
As far as the harsh engaugement of downshifts while your exhaust brake is on, does it preselect 2nd or 4th? If it preselects 2nd when you let off the throttle, you should take it to your nearest Allison Distributor and have it set to 4th preselect. (I do it for free but I cannot say about other distributors) This takes about 5-10 minutes if you know where your DDL (computer plug) is. If it already preselects 4th, we can opt to change to 5th but not recomended at all because 5th is overdrive and you will pick up speed if you do not watch your speedometer.
Downshifts during exhaust brake function always seem a little harsher due to a higher calibrated shift. Stop and go harshness around town, try hitting the mode button. That should solve that problem.
I hope this answers your questions. :)
Allison Transmission Questions

AllisonMan, thanks much for your advice. I will
contact the Allison Dealer in Ocala FL for some price
quotes on the service and 4th preselect change.
Glad you are aboard the forum for expert advice.
Regards, herbneffie
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello again herbnellie,
First off, thank you. I was also curious about service intervals because Allison changes them all the time. I went to work today and get my service letter from Allison. Here are exact Allison service intervals.
Dexron III: 25,000 miles or 12 months.(I told you different last night sorry so your service should be at 30,000 miles)Filters are the same intervals.
Transynde synthetic:Fluid 150,000 miles or 48 months and the filters 75,000 or 36 months.We suggest having an oil sample every 2 years with synthetic.
I hope this does not confuse you but it is hard to keep track with all the different models and oils nowdays.
Again thank you for your kind words and I enjoy solving questions, it is a challenge sometimes but I know all the Allison engineers in Indy and if I don't know the answer, I will find out! Have a great day. :)
Allison Transmission Questions

AllisonMan, thanks for the re-post information.
Looks like Transynde is the best way to go.
Thanks again, herbneffie
Allison Transmission Questions

AllisonMan, thanks for your invite to Oregon, same
offer from here, just fire me an e-mail to let me
know you are coming. Hope you didn't mind me sending
IU Fan to you, we are both members on another forum.
Thanks for your help.
herbneffie :cool:
Allison Transmission Questions

Allison Man, I have to jump in here now with a question. How is reprogramming from 2nd preselect to 4th preselect going to enable the transmission to downshift with less "harsh engagement"??? Once this reprogramming has been accomplished, the operator will have to manually select lower gears for down shifting thereby negating a very useful function of the exhaust this not correct??? My particular unit is set for 2nd as preselect and while it does down shift to 5th then on to the next lower gear as speed / RPM permits, it is sometimes harsh depending on what was done at the service. BUT, the transmission seems to eventually get back to my style of driving and stay in that mode until the next time.....(I would personally prefer this shift pattern with 2nd preselect as it gives me one less thing to contend with) :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Butch,
I agree that your coach may be set-up for you correctly, but you are in the minority. I get around 5 reprograms to 4th a month and I have yet to get a negative response. When my customers come in for a service, I like to take them on a test drive with me to explain the functions of the shift tower and pre-select differences. I do have some that like the 2nd preselect and that is totally ok. The customers satisfaction is what is important to me. The problem lies that if you do have rough shifts, you cannot choose a higher gear than 2nd, but if you have a 4th preselect, you do have the option to select a lower gear but 4th does a very good job of braking your coach. As long as you are happy Butch, that is all that matters. IU Fan and herbnellie were not pleased with the performance with 2nd preselect, I am only giving them an option to try. I am sure they will be very happy. Different coaches have different differential gears which usually is the reason for one customer being happy with 2nd and another with 4th. I hope this answers your question Butch. As I do to every question or comment, I invite you to stop in any time if you are in the Portlad, OR Allison distributer area. Have a great day. :)
Allison Transmission Questions

I welcome any questions and enjoy being challenged with any questions regarding Allison. Please, spread the word. This is fun. Have a great day! :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Allison Man,

I'm live in Portland and have been wondering where to take my trans work. If it is OK on this list how about a co. name and address or an e-mail addres?

Thanks Ron :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Ron,
Pacific Detroit Diesel Allison is the distributer for the Portland area with branches in Ridgefield, WA, Coburg - Redmond and Medford, OR, Kent and Spokane, WA, we also have branches in Alaska and Hawaii. There are no other distributers and only DSU and Brattain are dealers only at an oil change level not full service. I welcome you to call. I cannot give out any more information because I enjoy being here answering questions and advertising may lead one to be banned from a site. I hope you choose the distributer (hint, hint) we work on all phases of your motorhome. We will service engine, transmission and chassis work which is hard to find a company with our experience to work on all three in one shop. Even if you choose the dealers, if you live in the area, please stop by for a quick tour of our brand new state of the art facility in Ridgefield,WA. Detroit and Allison have named it the "Garage Ma Hall" Thank you and have a great day Ron! :)
Allison Transmission Questions

AllisonMan, I'm purchasing a Fleetwood Discovery which of course has a allison trany. Do you know of any distributors in the St. Louis, MO area that services allison.
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Krenzkes,
I have a book at work that I can get that information for you on Monday. If you have a Detroit Diesel Distributer in the area, they are usually Allison also. Check back on Monday and I will have it posted around 8 pacific.Thank you and Have a Great Day! :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Allison man, had my tranny serviced (1st one on 3000mh, at 6,000mi) last Sept.
Switched to synthetic at the service rep suggestion. This was all done at the Ridgefield WA (Just a few miles across the river from Portland, for those not familiar with the area). Great service, good information.
Loved it when I asked to buy an extra gallon of oil (so I would have one with me just in case). Service guy picked one up while we were walking out to rig, said I could pay for everything on the way out. Opened the door to coach and sitting on the entry steps was a gallon of synthetic. We both had to laugh.
Garage Ma Hall is pretty accurate, what a great facility.
Allison Transmission Questions

Hllo Allison Man,

I have a 95 MD-3060 with 70,000 miles on it which I bought used. I am about to change the oil and filters and have heard Allison has a synthetic oil out now. Should I use this oil in this unit?

Ron :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Krenskes,
I looked up the local distributer and it would be Clarke Detroit Diesel Allison in St, Loiuse MO telephone 314 429-2131. I hope they can take care of your needs. Some shops do not want to work on motorhomes for some reason, it is our bread and butter. Good luck and have a great day! :)
Allison Transmission Questions

Hello Eron,
You can't go wrong with Castrol Transynde (the only Allison authorized synthetic) It keeps temps down approx 20 degrees but I see your concern of milage. It is expensive that would be my only concern, but you should get 150,000 miles out of that transmission if you take care of it. Thanks and have a great day. :)