allison transmission


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HELP PLEASE allison man i have a 92 coachman royal and it has a spartan chassis and a cummins 8.3 it has a tec 2 allison md 6030 it works perfectly when the tempature is above 40 degrees when it gets colder than 40 it acts up. i turn the key on and regardless if i start it or not it the do not shift light comes on i see to N N on the lcd display for only 3 seconds and than the display goes blank and stays that way and i can not get a display to come back to the lcd until the tempature comes back up to 40 degrees outside . it does not matter if i start it and warm it up or how many times i try to restart it the lcd stays blank and the shift pad does not work at all.when it was warm it works perfectly the other day it went to 45 and i was driveing it and i pushed both arrows at once and it flashed d 1 and than 6 9 and than 3 2 i held the mode button down and cleared it . i turned it off and restarted it and drove it again and i hit the arrows buttons again and i only see two - - i think that means i cleared the codes and it is not codeing any thing now. so i thought i fixed it when i got the codes to clear. so the next day it got cold again and i went out to start it and it did the same old thing again i turned on the key and the do not shift light lite and the two N N went blank so it happened again if u have any ideas please let me know i was i heavy traffic and the pad went dead on me when the tempature dropped and i almost got killed . it is very dangerous when it goes out thanks . tom rousseau 1-734-578-2872