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allison man i have 2 questions. is there any way to tell if the filters and fluid has been changed in my transmission? I have a 99 newmar dutchstar 300 cummins with an allison 6 speed, not sure of the model. Also when I am stopped on a steep incline and attempt to get moving the engine will rev to 1000 rpm and coach will not move. Could this be a transmission problem? I had a local mechanic service tranny and coolant system, he thinks that my low power problem was that the waste gate was stuck open. Mechanic said that he made it so that the waste gate would remain closed all of the time. This worried me so I checked out waste gate and actuater and it had not been altered from original. So being the cynical guy that I can sometimes be I crawled under the coach and I saw no signes of the filter plates being removed. Thanks for any info.


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Re: allison transmission

There are dates on the filters themselves, if they're genuine filters. But you have to drop the filter cover to see them. If the local guy did a fluid and filter change on the trans, the filter covers should be cleaner than the rest of the bottom of the trans. The 1000RPM before the vehicle moves, is this a new condition, or has the vehicle always done that? That may be the RPM at which the torque converter produces enough torque to get the vehicle moving on an incline. May not be a malfunction.