Allison transmissions

I have a 2000 Bounder with a 5.9 ISB and an Allison MT643. Will it cause my tranny any problems to add a ECM from BD Power that is supposed to boost my 275 HP by 100HP and increase the 660 lbs-ft of torque by 160?
According to Allison and Cummins specs, the factory delivered Fleetwood Bounder is already out of specifications. The ISB5.9 in my vehicle is rated at 275 hp and 660 lb-ft torque. Whereas, the Mt643 is rated at 250 hp input and 640 lb-ft torque. However, I am confused because the MT643 is rated to handle loads up to 73,280 lbs in Utility and Dump truck applications and my RV is less than 20,000 lbs.

Can anyone help me make some sense out of this situation?

Secondly, where would I install a temp sensor on the MT 643?
Allison transmissions

I would not recomend boosting your horsepower. Allison puts max horsepower ratings on for a reason. They allow you a little extra for your lack of weight. Install your temp sensor on the line going to the cooler. It is located at the top of the transmission.