Alpenlite DL

I just bought from a very good friend a 1991 Alpenlite DL 25' :laugh: , Has anyone had any promblems with these ? Any suggestions as to things to check before going on the road for a shake down run. The only thing he knows that is not working is the roof AC. This unit is in use daily the seller upgraded to a new 28' w/slide out.
Alpenlite DL

Well have a good AC man check out the AC. Mine are 26 years old and still chuggibg along. A new one can be installed by your self with a little help, They are reasomalbly priced. If the existing doesn't have heat strips I would suggest spending the extra money for one that does.
Alpenlite DL

Poppa - Thanks for the advice I will have it checked out before replacing it, I did find a shop in Sacramento (Allied Trailer Supply) that has a new unit for $499.00 which I think is a good price.

C Nash - It does come on and blows room temp air.
Alpenlite DL

From what you have said, I can tell you that the problem with your A/C unit is either very minor or very major.
Very minor would be a bad electrical connection, thermostat, selector swithch, or compressor starting component. Any competent technician can eliminate these potential problems in about a half an hour and give you a firm price on the fix.
Very major would be a bad compressor or a refrigerant leak. A new compressor can easily cost as much as a whole new unit by the time it's installed and running. A leak could be worth working on, but the cost can climb quickly. Like I always said, if you're going to pay for a new unit, get a new unit.