Alternator Gremlin


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I have 2003 Roadtrek 200 popular which I think has a alternator gremlin hideing under the hood, that is toying with me. It is Chevrolet 3500, 5.7L platform. My voltage meter shows no charge and the battery warning light comes on, then goes off, then on, voltage has been checked at new battery and alternator is new, this AM no charge /light, went 1 mile now charging/ no light on OK. This seems to happen when moisure in present, I'am grabbing at straws.
Any gremlin exterminators out there.


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RE: Alternator Gremlin

I would look for a loose wire on the alternator. Its the red one that has a nut on it the others are usuall plugged into the alternator. I would also look for a loose battery cable. If they prove to be tight it could possibly be a loose wire going into the gage assembly, in that case I would have a shop check it out.


Re: Alternator Gremlin

You have a bad connection at a plug in. The problem rears its head because the corrosion absorbs moisture creating an open circuit