Alum, Vinyl, or Fibreglass siding

posted August 19, 2002 19:43
We are interested in 1999 Sunnybrook 33' 5W. Have not actually seen unit yet. Owner says exterior is vinyl siding. Does anyone have experience or experienced opinion w/this material or 99 Sunnybrook? Thanks
Alum, Vinyl, or Fibreglass siding

Surely this guy means fiberglass. Like Nash says, this is a new one on me. Been building for years and if the siding is the same vinyl stuff that goes on houses it sure as heck would leak in a heavy rain during a tow.
I would check with the manufacturer and see if they ever built such a creature


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Alum, Vinyl, or Fibreglass siding

Sunnybrook only uses fiberglass or aluminum. I'm sure the guy meant it has fiberglass sides. The ones Sunnybrook makes are gel coated and look really nice.

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