Alumalite help

Donna Brossoit

New Member
My husband and I recently inherited an '82 Alumalite 28' goose neck trailer. It's in great shape, but we don't have any manuals for it. When the folks were alive, we met them frequently, but it was always already set up, so we don't know a lot about the mechanics of it. We were always tent campers before this. We've been able to tow it successfully - no problems there. We towed it from Garden Grove to Nevada, and have just moved to Oregon and towed it up here. It's hooked up now, but something blew the circuit breaker and we can't locate the electric panel. Also, we can't get the refigerater to come on - I know it was replaced about 5 years ago. And we don't know how to run the heat or A/C unit... Is there anyone out there with a similar model who would be willing to give us some pointers? Or are there any publications we might be able to buy? Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to using it! :laugh: