aluminum roof lamination??


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I have a 85 Newmar Kountry Aire, the aluminum roof has waves in it, were the adhesive under it appears to have failed. It is not leaking for I can not see any water stains in the interior. It appears to be a total of 4 panels that cover the roof, they are only riveted using the outer edge of the panels. I thought of running screws inside of each panel and resealing in attempt to keep the aluminum sheets flat.thge roof feels firm so I assume the wood under the sheats are good and should hold the screws firmly. Has anyone else ran into this problem or have any suggestions for me?
Thanx in advance.

Gary B

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aluminum roof lamination??

Hi Apckrt, many alum roofs of that era are like that if its not leaking I would leave it be. I am not even sure the alum roofs were ever bonded. Maybe someone else with more knowledge it have a better answer, welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: