Always wanted a Camper Van - 1989 Roadtrek


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Hello: There is a 1989 Roadtrek with 120,000 miles on it for sale. It looks to be in great shape, no rust etc, everything works. Asking price $8500. I have always wanted a camper van and this may be my first step but I was wondering. If the motor goes, what is a rough estimate to have it rebuilt? I don't want to be negative but it has to go at some time and if it was sooner than later and the body / camper is still in great shape I think why not? It is a dodge van chassis 318 V8 ... if that makes a difference in longevity or points to certain issues with that engine. We will assume the driver was respectable to the vehicle.:confused: thanks


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Look on If I am looking at the right place, there are 4 different models for that year; all 19'. From what I see, it is overpriced big time! $1,000 - 3,000 depending on model.


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Hi Ms Walleye and welcome to the RVUDA Forum. I checked the NADA book like Ken and I too think $8500 is way overpriced. Even without knowing what optional equipment it has. As to your other question, you can get a rebuilt engine with a 3 year warranty for $1600. Add another $500 to $1000 for a shop to pull the old one and replace it with the rebuilt and you should be good for another 100 k miles, if the body continues to hold up.

Post back and let us know what you decide. :):)


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Have you considered a small towable RV and a pickup truck? That would give you more room. Those Class B RVs
are small. I tried living in a small RV for a while and got cabin fever. I was really an unhappy camper when it rained.

Also, it would seem like I got everything just the way I wanted it, then would realize I needed something. Then I
would have to take everything down and put it back up when I returned. With a towable that would not have
been a problem.