Ameri-lite trailers

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Hello again,
Yes Ameri-Lite is a good trailer. We sell a lot of them and they are rock solid. We have very little warranty issues and customers are happy. If you are on the East Coast, let me know.
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yes I am in Florida. I am looking for a model less than 5000 lbs in the low twenties. Do those back slides leak like the colemans did?
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If you have the trailer level, non of our slides have leaked.

If you are talking about the 24RS, it will be re-introduced in June. I am not sure what changes they are making, but will know soon. I can certainly meet your guidelines as far as weight and it will be less than 20K.
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Sorry, miss-understood. Most Ameri-Lite floorplans are less than 24'. Most sell in the 11-13K range. They do have a new 27' which is a little more.