American Indian Trivia

John Harrelson

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How about a little trivia about the American Indians

Did you ever go to a “POTLUCK” dinner ?
The word “potluck” comes from the Indian word “POTLATCH”.

A potlatch was a celebration feast given by the leader (we call him a Chief) of the tribe for any given reason,, it could be because his son is born, he just became the new chief, the buffalo hunt was good,,, etc…
And during the Potlatch celebration, the chief gave away most if not all of his treasured things to his people.. It could be his hunting bow, or his prize knife, or even his horses..

A good and wise leader showed his love for his people this way…


Scientists believe that the American Indian came from the Asian Continent, via a “land bridge” that existed between the continents many thousands of years ago.. Thus the American Indian and the oriental races ( China, Tibet, India, etc) have the same origins..


There were many famous Indian chiefs in America’s history and many people cannot associate the chiefs with their nations..

Example, Sitting Bull was a chief of the SIOUX nation, not the Apache.. The Sioux Indians spoke a language called “SIOUAN”.
The Sioux contained many different named tribes depending on where they were located in “Middle” (referred to as the great plains) America.. OJIBWA, DAKOTA, etc:;
But they were actually members of the same Sioux..

Chief JOSEPH was a chief in the NEZ PERCE nation
Chief COCHISE was a chief in the APACHE nation


When we think of the Indian, we conjure up the noble red man astride his horse and living in a Tee Pee.. (properly called a “TIPI”).. But in reality, only the plains Indians lived in a tipi. The HOPI Indian lived in a mud hut… The ANASAZI Indians lived in cliff houses, high up where their enemies could not attack them..


We all are aware that the “American” language that we refer to as English is actually made up of many languages from other peoples.. Did you know that the words.. “SQUASH”, “RACCOON”, “MAIZE” come from the American Indian’s native language.


Did you know that the American Indian never beat a “TOM-TOM” drum… In fact they had never heard of a “TOM-TOM” until the white man told them..

The “TOM-TOM” drum is native to the EAST INDIES ISLANDS.. Not North America..


At one time there were five separate nations of American Indians living in the north eastern area of North America and were at war with other..
After so many years of war the leaders came together and set up a peace agreement that has lasted for well over 100 years..
The Indians were the “IROQUOIS” and the peace agreement was called the “LEAGUE OF FIVE NATIONS”..


When the white man came to the American west he wanted to teach the “Heathen” Indians about Christianity… you know, the story that says God sent his son to earth to save it….

Boy-o-Boy were they surprised when they encountered the Apache Indians.. The Apaches had the same belief for hundreds of years before the white man ever heard of the American continent..
The only real difference was the names given to the deity.. We called ours “God” and the Apache called his the “Great Spirit”..


Wahs tey,