Amount to insure a 2005 25 ft TT ??


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I don't want to hear names of ins co . Only interested in how much to insure. Low book is $6100, avg is $7500, new was $19000. As of today it has new AC, frig, stove and microwave. Also this week its getting a new rubberized roof with new ( plywood ) and all new vents. I would like to insure for $10,000. Am i over valuing it?


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That includes the maximum liability insurance I can get ($500k/$500k/$500k), only uninsured motorist coverage on the buick, and both comprehensive and collision (with $500/1000 deductibles respectively, or maybe the other way around?) on the corvette. Each are currently estimated at 17k miles per year, which I'll change once I know how much Kodi I actually drive each car.
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