Anchorage, AK to Washington D.C.


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First off, thanks for offering such a great forum. I have hundreds of threads over the last few days and learned a bunch.

Now, we are a military family and are being relocated from our beloved Alaska to the D.C. area. We are traveling in mid-May. We just bought our first 5th wheel (a big step up from renting pop-up trailers).

We plan on taking our time (as much as we can at least) and enjoying our trip. Leaving Anchorage on the afternoon of May 11, we will take the eastern route through Alberta and visit Jasper and Banff NP's, then drop down to Glacier NP, then Yellowstone and Teton. From there over to my old home town of Soda Springs, ID before heading East on I-80 through Wyoming and Nebraska to see Scottsbluff and Chimney Rock. We will spend a week with my family in Illinois before finally heading for MD. We hope to travel for 2 weeks, arriving in Illinois around the 24th of May. I know this is a bit rushed, but Uncle Sam does not allow us as much time as we would like.

Can someone recommend some great campgrounds along the way? Below is a list of hopeful stopping points (if all goes well anyway). We are not new to travelling or towing, or making hard miles. We do have 3 small kids (ages 8, 6 and 2) and a dog. If we could make 400 miles per day we would be extremely pleased. A few of those desinations are farther apart than that, but sometimes the Alaskan Highway forces you to travel longer. Also, once we hit central Nebraska we will be driving hard for Illinois. Nothing in between that we want to see (we have traveled it many times before).

Thanks and sorry for such a long post.

Destruction Bay, YT
Watson Lake, YT
Pink Mountain, YT
Jasper, AB
Cardston, AB
Butte, MT
Jackson, WY
Soda Springs, ID
Soda Springs, ID
Scottsbluff, NE
Nebraska City, NE


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Re: Anchorage, AK to Washington D.C.

If you join Good Sam's Club, you can get a route that goes through all of your mentioned points of interest.

And they give you a list of RV parks along the route, too.

And they list a timeline along with the route with the mileage, too.

That is especially intereting to me, because it lets me figure how far it is between points.

Then I have a GPS that does the final routing.