Another Fridge question

Great site! I have an older travel trailer late 60's early 70's. I am remodeling for hunting season. The fridge is about the only thing I am having trouble with still. the coil heats up on both ac and gas but will not cool. I have pulled it out of the unit and turned it up-side down for a couple of days and it will still not cool. no smell coming from it at all. it sat unused for 2 years before i got it. any ideas??? thanks
Another Fridge question

;) Buy a new fridge.

Sounds like it rusted out in storage and all the gas is gone. A recharge is expensive and difficult as they don't use freon, its amonia and hydrogen. That still doesn't address the problems of the leak, probably rust holes, so the fridge is most likely toast.

:approve: Cheap alternative???? bar fridge, with a 5 or 600 watt inverter and a honking big battery and a generator or a couple of solar panels. The fridge and the battery will be a lot cheaper then a propane fridge, the cost comes when you go to buy the stuff to recharge the battery, but if you can plug in where you camp, your all set.
Another Fridge question

thanks...... that's what i thought. i had talked to a service guy that said if i didn't smell anything it was probably ok ...well time for a new one. thanks again