Another Sat. question


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I have 2002 Southwind 32v. It has a sat dish on the roof, pre-wired installed at the factory. I've never used it and neither did the previous owner apparently. At my home I subscribe to the Dish network. Question: Can I just take the extra sat. box out of the house and plug it in? I'm not sure if the sat. connection box in the RV is hooked up to the tv, but would assume so if it is factory installed. Has anyone else been able to use this dish and if so, what was the process for connecting.
If anyone has any suggestions or can guide me to some info. source it would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Another Sat. question

Onlt if it is a dish net work satellite if I am not mistaken. Wkat you can do is to call your dish net work provider and get one of there satelittes and then use your box as long as you are a subscriber. Hey you guys correct me if I am wrong :8ball:


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Re: Another Sat. question

From what I have read about it. It should work. All you have to do is point it at the correct Sats. As I understand it where the dishes start becoming different is with HD programming.


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RE: Another Sat. question

Yes It will work but you wont be viewing much, no local channels ect. The Sat Market got chomped up by KVH & Direct TV, they have the local network taken and the EVDO network