Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

At all costs I wanted to avoid having to ask another towing question, but after reading WAY TOO many posts this evening I am now more confused than ever. I currently own a 06 Dodge Durango with :

3.55 Axle Ratio Axle Ratio You Can Tow 5750 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) = 6700 lbs
Payload = 1604 lbs
Curb Weight = 5096 lbs
Curb Weight Front/Rear = 2744 lbs/2744 lbs
GAWR Front/Rear = 3600 lbs/3900 lbs
Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) = 11000 lbs

I am considering purchasing a Shamrock 21RS travel trailer for my family and its stats are:

Hitch Weight 451 lbs. (205 kg)
Axle Weight 3,032 lbs. (1375 kg)
Unit Dry Weight 3,483 lbs. (1580 kg)
GVWR 4,851 lbs. (2200 kg)

I seem to think that I will be fine towing this trailer, but I suddenly got a little paranoid that I may be way off base. Could someone help a newbee out??? Thanks


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Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

Just hold on Andrew, DL the forum Dodge man will get you the right answer. Although I bet it's not a diesel, he will tell you how sweet the diesel smells. anyway there is a lot OF poking fun at each other on the forum, but soon or later you will get YOUR answer. BTW welcome . and what ever you do HAPPY CAMPING.

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Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

Looks to me that you would be slightly over the Gross Combined Weight Rating by 551 lbs if you loaded both truck and trailer to maximum capacity.

Truck GCWR 11000 lbs Truck GVWR 6700 lbs + TT GVWR 4851 lbs = 11551 lbs

I think you could probably get by if you don't load your truck or trailer to capacity. The best thing to do if you buy the Shamrock is to load it and your truck for a typical trip and take it to a truck stop and have it weighed.

Keep in mind you need to put all the gear, passengers, and fuel in your truck as well as fill the water tank and propane bottles, all groceries, pots and pans etc. in the trailer. if you don't need to take fresh water with you, you can save some weight. . Water weighs approximately 7 lbs/gal. Hope this helps.
Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

Thanks for the help! I was counting on doing a few upgrades to up the horsepower by about 20hp or so. Would that help enough? My wife loves this trailer, but we are in the process of getting the durango ready to tow. And by the time it is fully ready, she is worried that someone else will have bought the trailer. I just want to make sure I don't push the durango too hard....I need to last!(And no side comments from you Ford and Chevy people :laugh: )
Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

It isn't really all about horseypower. You have to consider stopping that bad boy, too.

Don't you watch those Toyota commercials? ;)
Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

Hey Tex...speaking of the Toyota commercial, they lost 6 trucks and One driver (when his parachute didn't open) filming that commercial. They finally used phoney props and a dummy driver. Of course the whole problem started when they were using a Toyota built in USA...they finally had one shipped from Japan. Can of worms just been opened?

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Re: Another towing Question??? Someone PLEASE help!!

hey maineiac33, Your rear axel is more of a limiter than your horsepower. A 3.55 rear end is fairly high geared. You would do better with a 4.10 gear ratio, if they make one for your Durango.