have noticed ants in refrigerator after cleaning it out and turning it off. we are taking it in for some repairs so it will be sitting for a while. Isn't there something that we can put in the refrigerator that wukk druve them out without being unsafe for us?? I don't know,, some herb, or something. any clues??

Don't know of any herbs, but it sounds like you have a bigger problem. If the ants keep returning, my guess is that you have a living colony inside your rig. My suggestion would be to get one of the many ant baits (the type where the poison is carried back to the nest) available and set several at several locations around your rig. Keep away from pets and children! You could also sprinkle a light dusting of powder soap (Comet or Bon Ami) on the bottom of your fridge. Ants hate it and when you are ready to use the fridge again you can wipe it out with a wet cloth and get a good shine. Hope this helps.

I have found Borax powder a natural insect control. You can make a mixture of 2 parts Borax to 1 part corn meal (or other powdery food
like sugar which insects like) then place in jar lids under cabinets or appliances away from pets and children. Even though Borax is not
toxic as other commerical type insecticides. It is the silica in the Borax which irritates the insect thus killing them.