Any suggested routings WA/ID to AZ


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I'll be in eastern Washington state/Idaho panhandle mid September after an Alaskan trip and want to be in Nogales, on southern border of Arizona, in mid January. Without going down thru California (lived in that area for a few years), does anyone have any suggestions on an interesting route that isn't white knuckle mountain passes. As you can see, we have some time but also don't want to be driving in snow.

Second question: So far, I've been a flatland RV'er; haven't driven any mountains at all. I bought a guide that lists the grades on highways out west, but I don't have a feel for what an uncomfortable and/or dangerous grade whould be. Should I avoid 3% or 6% or ???

Thanks for your help - John ('05 National Tropi-Cal LX 37 w/350CAT)

C Nash

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Any suggested routings WA/ID to AZ

John you should have no problem with 6% grades. The guide should list how long the grades are. I would avoid 10% if possible. Use your exhaust brake and gears on the downside. Stay off the foot brakes as much as possible. Enjoy the trip. Alaska is great :approve: